Shopping Mall MAJOR BRAND
  • Barmi Sushi Buffet

    Thanks to the luxurious interior and atmosphere using wood and stones, Barmi Sushi Buffet is a popular place for get-togethers, Enjoy sumptuous sushi like flatfish and grey mullet, short-order dishes and salad bar with unlimited refills.
  • Seven Springs

    The Greenhouse offers salads made of seasonal local ingredients and steaks, Severn Springs delivers dishes cooked directly at the restaurant with today's freshest ingredients. Experience a picnic in the center of the city while respecting our environment-friendly values.
  • On the Border

    Authentic and fresh ingredients and home-made food. Healthy menus prepared on the Mesquite grills deliver that smoked flavor that eveyone enjoys. Have fun On the Border.
  • Outback Steak House

    We serve only healthy foods cooked with fresh ingredients delivered every morning. Our steaks are aged to perfection, soups are gently heated for more than 6 hours to deliver maximum flavor, and juices are extracted from fresh fruit
  • Barmi Shabu Shabu Kalguksu

    One of the most popular restaurants in Onemount -- Shabu Shabu Kalguksu at affordable prices.
  • Eat Deli & Café

    A New York-style casual diner where you can enjoy trendy pizzas, pastas, salads and curry at affordable prices. The casual Manhattan ambiance makes you feel like a New Yorker.
  • McDonald's

    This quick-service restaurant is loved by people around the world, and is the world's No. 1 food service company.
  • Jaws Food

    Traditional tasty rice cakes made with 13 secret recipes are unbeatable. The sticky rice 'sundae' (Korean sausage) with tasty nuts added is cooked in a steamer for optimum nutrition and taste.
  • Salad Gimbap

    An ex-5-star-hotel chef makes salad 'Gimbap (Korean sushi),' 'tteokbokki' and other creative kinds of gimbap and apple noodles.
  • Ilsan Hand-made Croquette

    The Ilsan Hand-made Croquette, one of the top three croquette restaurants in Ilsan, serves only freshly fried croquettes. The soft inside wearing crispy batter will make everyone come back for more.
  • Chef's noodle and Yukgaejang

    The chef's hearty noodle delivers a rich flavor. Korean food at its finest.